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Émilie Simon

Фантастическая французская девушка Émilie Simon. Практически новая Кейт Буш. Всё пишет сама и достаточно уверенно обращается со всяческими замысловатыми музыкальными девайсами. А это песня - мой хит дня... или хит моего дня )






контроллер на руке у нее интересный.

The most luscious detail is the sweet controller that she wears on her wrist - according to Create Digital Music, the fabulous "wrist-strapped controller is Cyrille Brissot’s invention, aptly named “The Brissot.”

"So, basically it’s a remote control and it’s triggering effects on my software wirelessly, and I have it on my arm. I’ve had it since the first album, from the beginning, but we’ve had different systems. This is the third generation. At the time, we didn’t have all this wireless Play Station stuff like we have now that you can use for musical things. So we were using another system, but this one was built last summer, actually."

сразу видно, что штучная работа.
Бабло победит зло! ;-)

Но голос прикольный.